Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the world . . .

Both of my bigger boys are infatuated with super heroes and I honestly have no idea how. I have been pretty strict as far as their TV viewing privileges go. Currently, they are only allowed to watch 2 hours of TV per week on Saturday mornings. The only channels we have are ABC and PBS. These two stations don't have cartoons Saturday morning like I remember from when I was a kid, so they gratefully and excitedly choose from a CD case full of pre-screened movies that Eric and I have decided are okay for them to watch at this age. There's a good 20 movies in there. Not one of them involves any super hero action whatsoever. Unless you count Woody and Buzz as super heroes like my boys and we do :).

However - for Christmas last year, they got a set of super hero Squinkies. Look them up if you don't know what they are. Although they are kinda "over them" now, they loved, loved them when we first got them and played with them for a good hour at a time.

This year Braxton not only remembered what Halloween was, but he had his own idea about what he wanted to be. Dang. I really loved picking out their costumes. He brought me the itty-bitty Captain America Squinkie (the one he's always told us is his favorite) and let me know that he'd be needing a shield. We told Grandma and Grandma delivered. One red frisbee left in the mailbox. Now all it needs is a little bit of paint. He's dying to get on that, and boy, oh boy, is that a good thing. The one thing I always need is a kick in the pants to get a head start on things.

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